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My Bisexual Friend's Story:

Generally speaking, women tend to be emotional and men are rational, no matter how it straight or bisexual.

In addition, I am bisexual men. When I was young, I was able to get along well with many girls while playing with boys. My feeling was no obvious gender division between my companions. I am a bit of a personality or you could say: stubborn, and my friends always use this very certain neck name to draw me. (This may be related to my view of love). My viewpoint of love and world are summed up as following:

1.As bisexual personality, only by knowing yourself first can you better understand the world and better shape everything you have.

Part of bisexuals don’t even know themselves clearly. They grow up with confusion until they get old.

2.Bisexual love is inseparable from its own characteristics and depends on the characteristics of others, we can’t set our illusion apart from the world, some kinds of connection make our bisexual personalities become clear.

The difference between love and friendship:

Psychologist Davis believes that the emotions in friendship can be understood as eight elements: joy, mutual help, respect, unfettered, trust, understanding, acceptance and engagement. On top of above eight factors, love also has passion and care. The passion is divided into: fascination for the other side, sexual desire, exclusivity.

I think that sexual orientation is only part of love, and it is not necessary to define love based on a sexual orientation(bisexual, gay, lesbian). But being brave enough to recognize and accept your own bisexuality is responsible for yourself.

Every bisexual man thinks he likes a women only before he crush on a man.

I started to like a boy 2-year ago, I thought love starting itself with temperament, stuck to strong feelings, the feelings turned from intimacy to stranger, he is a passionate Sagittarius , and I, cold as Capricorn used to be. Our personalities are incompatible with each other from the beginning, but at that time, I was attracted by his characteristics, the charming on his eyes motivates me wants to know him. From time to time, he is not only the person I like, but also the person I value very much.

We gone trough many together, good and bad, and I will never forget this relationship of bisexual dating.

In the past two years, I I felt helpless and suddenly fell into the abyss of low emotions. Fortunately, some friends help me out. Until then I gradually accepted the fact that I was a bisexual and began to be endless self-blame.

I loved him, It has nothing to do with sex, as bisexual guy, I don't mind if he is not as attractive as a woman, I just felt right to such thing.I regarded it as a lovelorn as this bisexual relationship has passed away.I don’t deny that I have hated being lovelorn, but actually it’s another enterprise of deep in love.

As it goes for years, I found it haunted me more from the past, I hated myself because of no good looking, and limitation in ability.

I re-examined myself then built up a brand new of me. It took time to make me better off in many aspects.

Love, it means love you all, every shortcoming is perfect and becomes not so important,because understanding and tolerance are boundless in loved one’s eyes.

Bisexuals should hold a firm belief that make yourself better off, as it can formulate a huge torrent of energy, the energy will lead you to make a great progress in your own, that’s the value of your inner part. Love should be a motivation to move forward, it shouldn’t be a obstacle and makes your bisexual life get harder.

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