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Am I Bisexual?

Recently, A follower sent me letters on privately on Quora, asking if she was bisexual. She was kind of uncertain. She is 25 years old and has and had two relationship with two boys so far. Their relationships were well-maintained and she was very happy that time. However, the frequent inner impulses of felling jumped on her female friends around her. Sometimes, even when she slept, she would dreamed of her female friends, two of them holding together and kissing in the dream. This kind of felling and dream made her confused, she told such fancy feeling to her boyfriend, but her boyfriend always thought he was joking. She doubted that she was bisexual, but she did not dare to talk to her ‘like’ female friend.

She said that she used to be with her boyfriend, life always surrounded him, she did not care too much about such bisexual feeling. They live together, travel together, and they rarely separated, the whole life was about she and her boyfriends. However, in the past year, their social activities had become more and more frequent, and more and more friends of theirs had visited to their lives. The female friends around her were kind and gentle. Such as their new tenant, every time she saw her, she always put on a shining and charming smile, as well as the gentle words she exchanged, which moved her so much. Her neighbor is always elegant and noble, once upon a time, she dressed up for a wedding, “At that time she was a real angel.” she said. She could hold her breath and thought that she probably had crushed on this women.

And most importantly, her neighbor was single, she wanted to give her more care, “But when I invited her to my house as guest every time, I was always more enthusiastic and happier about that than other friend’s coming.” She seemed to be deeply stunned by her neighbor. “Her eyes were deeply attracted,” and she was still thinking about her when her neighbor left. “While I and my boyfriends slept together, I thought of her, I want her to join us, that’s really insane I mean, but while I look on her faces every time, I felt really happy. I pretended that my boy friend had down a great job.” She said. When she fell asleep, she dreamed of her again and again. She said that she is bisexual, but she is not very sure. She used to appreciate female than have passion on women after all.

One day, her boyfriend went on a business. She invited her neighbors to the house on her own. The foods she served was great, there were snacks and delicious dishes she made based on the taste of her neighbors. Her neighbor was moved and praised her cooking constantly and said: " I will screw things up if I prepare such a sumptuous dishes, if I can marry you, how good it is!" Then they laughed boldly. When she heard her neighbor said this, her heart beaten quickly. And her cheeks were burn, But her neighbors didn't notice when she was tipsy. by the tipsy, they were more and more openly talk about sex. "Your boyfriend is not here, tonight is ours, why not try it?" You expected that! Her neighbor was invited her to have same-sex joy!

And after that time, she felt that she was greatly satisfied both psychologically and physically. Is this bisexual? In order to confirm whether she still had sexual passion on other women, she started to visit bisexual dating site, she downloaded a bisexual dating app, where the topic of their chatting was more open, she gradually understood the life and feelings of bisexual people, and she also knew more about herself. These bisexual dating sites and Apps let them met their bisexual friends and many women who shared the same feelings and just hooked up. A few months ago, since she signed up an account on the bisexual site, she has browsed a lot of bisexual blogs. She has met many bisexual friends, and many people like her, they didn’t know that I like same-sex, since dating on the bisexual website, from time to time, they accepted the fact that they were bisexual.

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